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Stainless Steel Bottles

Proper cleaning of sports water bottles is essential for keeping good health.

Sports water bottles are perhaps one of the most heavily used bottles in their league,
which is probably why they are made from the best material available on the market,
increasing their durability and ease of use.
Although, this alone doesn’t guarantee healthy vibes.
You have to make sure that the sports water bottle, you carry around
during your hectic outdoor activities, is properly maintained when you come home.
Here in Australia for most of the year the weather is warm and humid,
which is all the more reason for proper maintenance
of your sports water bottles on a daily bases.

 For example, it’s common to leave your water bottle half filled
with water over-night or for longer period, stashed in a damp place,
or even have juice/sports drinks dripping out of the mouthpiece.
This creates a perfect environment for bacteria to breed
thereby producing foul smell and bad taste.

So, first thing to do is to make sure you never ever keep liquid content
stored in the water bottle for more than a day.
Otherwise, it will develop a foul smell, an indication of unhealthy water bottle content.
It is also important to clean the water bottle inside and out every day,
especially if you are living in very hot and humid conditions.
If, however, you reside in comparatively colder areas of Australia,
you can clean it every alternative day.
After cleaning your water bottle make sure it is completely dry
in the sun before filling it up with any liquid.
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