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Thank you for taking an interest in our company.

Ecostreet is owned and run by a second generation Australian family.

In early 2000 we decided to research eco-friendly and healthy products.

After much research and feedback from health practitioners we concluded that plastic bottles are a major cause of pollution and carriers of bacteria. The video clip below, and other similar information produced by universities around the world, was one of the many reasons we have selected to produce stainless steel water bottles

It has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the bottled water sold around the world is quite often not as good as the water from the tap.

We spend $3.00 plus for 375 ml of bottled water, while tap water costs only $2.00 for 1,000 lt.

It is a no brainer - This is the product we would like everyone to use.

The next stage was sourcing, designing, testing, etc.

Bottles have to be durable - so aluminum is out of the question.

Bottles also need to be attractive, yet inexpensive.

We believe that this has been achieved.

Company policy

Because of our retail background, we know the value of customer satisfaction.

This has been the key to our success in the past 30 years.

We pride ourselves on a personal approach to customer care.

Every item is assembled and tested prior to packing in especially designed boxes.

Our bottles are sold throughout health food stores, service stations, convenience stores, newsagents, online and in many other outlets.

We are proud to present to you Ecostreet stainless steel bottles in single wall as well as double wall vacuum sealed bottles that can keep water cold or hot for hours.

Ecostreet bottles are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles at affordable prices.

The bottles we design and sell are used by our families and friends – is there a better way to test one’s product?

Please watch the following program:


If we have missed anything on our website, please email info@ecostreet.com.au

Happy days!



Drink To Life

Our bottles are made of Food grade stainless steel.

Rust free, BPA free and no need for that  plastic lining used in aluminium bottles.

User friendly

The wide mouth design accommodates even the largest ice cubes.

Easy cleaning!

EcoStreet bottle was created to make your life easier and healthier.

Australian & Proud

EcoStreet is Australian company, family owned and run. 

Your drinking bottle is 100% recyclable.

Doesn't Cost The Earth

EcoStreet bottles are the most inexpensive stainless steel bottles around.


Great Savings on bottled water!!!

Stainless Still Water Bottles pay for themselves after a very short period of time!

No more buying bottled water!

Fill up from the tap and leave it in the fridge!




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Company Details:

Trading under Soft Architect Pty Ltd
ABN: 85083758267
Postal Address: 8 Long St. Elsternwick, Vic, 3185 AUSTRALIA
Ph/Fax: 03 9528 6013  Mob: 0412 046102
Email: sales@ecostreet.com.au